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Introduction to They Are My Brothers

30 December 2013 4:39 pm 0 Directioner(s)

Vas happening guys ?? I'm sorry . I know I'm late to post this story but what can I do . I have a lot of problems . And I'm still facing it right now . But I'll try my best to update this worst story . So this is the introduction . Part 1 will be posted later . Enjoy  :)

They Are My Brothers
First of all, I’m Ariana Laurel Swift. But I’m not Taylor Swift’s sister. Yes my name was terrible and strange. People called me Laurel or for the shortest, they called me Lou. A little bit confused when one of the guy that take care of me since Mom’s died is called Lou too. So we decided to call him Boo. Hahaha. Silly us!

I don’t have parents. Both of them have died a few years ago. But before Mom’s died, she told to the five guys that take care of me now to always look after me because I have nobody else in this world anymore.

Now I’m here, sitting on the roof, the place where I used to go when I’m sad. The incident that happened a few years ago still vivid in my mind. I don’t know what to do to get rid of all my feelings. Sometimes I feel happy with this and sometimes not. Huh.. Human always like that. Never praised to all the things that they’ve got. That’s me. I’m glad that I grown a few years with five guys that I assume as my brothers.

But.. Hmm.. I still want to recall how I could live and be with them. It maybe takes a long time but the memory was so sweet to be forgetting and I swear I’ll never forget it. People always said that ‘Don’t forget where you belong.’  Looking at the birds flying while chirping this morning, the memory appeared again.... I look at the ring on my finger and smile.

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