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They Are My Brothers - Part 1

2 January 2014 8:59 pm 0 Directioner(s)

Vas happening ? Hari tu PART NI . So hari ni Part 1 . Enjoy the story :)

As usual I woke up early in the morning to help Mom before going to school. We lived together with no boys or man in the house because my Dad had died a few years ago. I didn’t have brothers or sisters. Mom only have me and I only have Mom. That was enough for me.

“Lou, come and eat with me,” Mom called me. That time I was packing my school’s bag after cleaning our small house. Our house was wet because there were so many places on roof that leaky and it was raining last night. We didn’t have enough money to fix it.

“Yes Mom, I’m coming!” I replied. Slowly I walked to the kitchen. Mom waited there with a smile.

“Sorry dear. I only can serve you this. I promise when you come back from school today, your favourite food will be on this table,” said Mom while looking at me and two pieces of breads in front of us.

“No Mom. You don’t need to promise me like that. I’m okay,” I said and started to bite a piece of bread without jam. “It’s delicious though without any jam!” I said again. Just to comfort Mom. Mom smiled.

“You can’t lie to me, dear. You looked gloomy since back from school yesterday. Why?” Mom asked. Oh my God. Should I tell Mom?  It was about money. I didn’t want to make Mom in hardship anymore. “C’mon tell me dear.”

“Actually... My class held a trip to Bradford and I know that I’ll never ever can’t go there because.. You know our monetary problem since dad...” I let my words hung there. “But all of the students in our class must go....”

“Seems like I have to open the secret box that your Dad had given to me few years ago,” Mom said and swiftly she headed to her room. My head wilted like flowers to the floor. I cried. “Here is it. I haven’t open it yet. Your Dad said use it when we are facing a really trouble. So the trouble now are our roof, your trip and food. Or maybe other needs.”

“Mom.. I feel guilty now.” 

“You don’t have dear. You’re sixteen now. You have right to feel free from anxiety.” Mom said as she opened the box. A shining thing kept glowing from the box.

“A ring?” Mom and me shocked. Mom took a look at it.

“It is platinum. Oh my Lord,” Mom smiled really broad. “There is a letter inside. Lou, read it.”

Heard Mom asking me to read the letter, I grabbed it and began to read :

‘My dear wife Hannah and my only daughter Ariana Laurel... 

When both of you read this letter, I have gone from this world seeking for paradise. Hannah, this ring is actually for you a long time ago. I wanted to give it to you when our 9th anniversary. But when I thinking of it, it is better if I keep it for our family’s future. We do not know what will happen to us when we alive. Die. It is sure for every human. I wonder if I die, who will take care both of you in future? That’s why I kept this ring until my last breath, I give it you. You can pawn this ring to my bestfriend, Lawrence Irwin. I’ve already told him to keep this ring until you can pay for it back.

For my beloved daughter, Lou.. I’m sorry I couldn’t be around for your teenage years like everyone else. Believe dear that there’s a rainbow behind all of this. God have got a plan for you dear. Take care of your mother as I took care of her olden. Make sure you take this ring back from Uncle Lawrence and use it on your wedding day. Just know that Dad always love you and sorry if I can’t give a life for you like another people did. Believe me. You will be happy one day. Lastly, I love both of you for the whole of my life and nothing can replace my wife and my daughter in this world.

                                                        The one that will always love you,
                                                                           John Swift.

My eyes watery and Mom already cried. At last we cried together. Remembering Dad when he’s alive. I went to school with the red eyes because cried a lot. When I was ten, Dad died because of an accident. Left me and Mom since then...

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