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They Are My Brothers - Part 2

3 January 2014 8:32 pm 0 Directioner(s)

Vas happening ?!! Hey guys ! What's up ? Today I wanna post Part 2 . For those who still didn't read Part 1 , you can go HERE  . Just let me know if you've read my silly story @ fanfiction . Only Directioners can feel the truth :)

The day at school today was sucks. I came home with a hungry stomach and and grimmed face. As usual the first thing that I saw was Mom with her beautiful smile. Well, I didn’t have Mom’s smile. I tried to smile but I could not because my friends, kept bullying me. Oh One Direction. I need you guys right now.

 One Direction always be my friends when I needed. Although they didn’t know my existance. I had Up All Night and Take Me Home album. My friend gave it to me as my birthday present. I didn’t have much money to buy their posters so I collected their pictures as many as I could in my second hand laptop. I spent my day on editing their pictures.

I love One Direction and I hope I’ll have a chance to see them in future. Back to my Mom. Lazily I walked to Mom. “Hi Mom,” I greeted her. Mom just nodded.

“This is your favourite food,” Mom showed me a plate of Irish Stew, a plate of pizza and a plate of chicken. “You desert is in the refrigerator,” continued Mom. I started to drool. Unbelievable! My favourite food was in front of me.

“Have you sold the ring?” I asked Mom and sat to have the Irish Stew. Yummy! Really delicious. Mom just nodded. “I promise I’ll take the ring back.” I said and continued eating my food.

“You better dear,” Mom smiled. Suddenly she had a worst cough without stopping. I’ve seen her like that since a couple months ago. I’ve told her to see the doctor but she refused.

“Mom you need to see the doctor.”

“No need dear. I’m okay,” she replied and seemed like hiding something from me. Then she headed to the kitchen. A minute later, she brought a cup of ice cream with the flavour of cream and cookies. Also my favourite ice cream. Oh Mom. “This is the money for your trip. You should enjoy your trip because maybe this is your last trip when I’m around you,” Mom said. I could see both of her clouded eyes blinked.

“Mom, what are you talking about? Promise me you will never leave me alone?” I worried of Mom’s words just now.

“Yes I promise,” Mom said and coughed again. I became worried of her. After eating, I strode to my small room. Although it was small but this room meant everything to me. There was a desk where I used to study, a small bed with a fan on the ceiling. Really small but always neat and clean.

I looked at a guitar at one of the edge of my room. Completely complete with my name under the six strings. LAUREL. I missed my Dad. He gave the guitar to me when I was six. He also teached me how to play it. Now I could play guitar very well, but he was not by myside to watch it.

I decided to bring it for my trip to Bradford. I’m really excited to go there in hoping I could meet Zayn Malik there. But on the other side, I felt really anxiety to leave Mom alone since that was the first time I went for a trip. But Mom said I should enjoy it. So I decided to throw away all my bad feelings and started to pack. I thought I’m the last people that paid the fee. I didn’t care if my friends wanted to jeer me.

After packing for this Wednesday, I played my guitar. A song that meant everything to me. Summer Love by One Direction. It was my favourite song ever. At the chorus part, I was nearly flooded. I didn’t know why. Maybe I was too desperated to meet One Direction. Well the thing that I really want was Our Moment. Their latest perfume. But I didn’t have a bravery to tell Mom because of money.

Cause you were mine for the summer 
Now we know it’s nearly over 
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my summer love
You always will be my summer love...

I stopped there and took my bath. It was cold but I need to or else I’ll have a  headache.

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