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Part 5 - They Are My Brothers

23 January 2014 10:28 pm 1 Directioner(s)

Vas happening ! Hey girls , boys :) It  have been a few days since I updated the last post . So , tonight I decided to post my story , They Are My Brothers . It is a fanfiction of One Direction . Love story . For those who do not know who is One Direction , so let me explain a little bit . There are 5 members in 1D . Niall Horan , Liam Payne , Zayn Malik , Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles . They are about 19 to 23 years old . The girls are crazy over them .

So behave yourself before you get involve in this dangerous fandom . I've warned you . If you're in , you can't even stop though for a day . Just like meh . SPM will be around the corner but I still busy on 'studying' twitter and instagram . Don't wanna write so long . Just read this story . This is Part 5 . Part 4 is HERE . POV is point of view :) Enjoy ! xx

Liam Payne’s POV
All of us just could stared at the stiffed body of Laurel’s Mom and her body that collapsed on Harry. The doctor has been authenticated that Laurel’s Mom, Hannah had died. I looked at Harry’s face. Seemed too shock. He was sitting on a chair while holding Laurel’s body.
Hopefully she didn’t blubber loudly like just now. I could see how cared Harry of our new sister. Yes. Our sister. She was now our sister. How poor her life to be an orphan. No! She didn’t deserves to be called an orphan. She has us! We were her brothers now.
“Should we put her in the ward? I mean she need to get a rest so that she’ll be strong for her mother’s funeral tomorrow,” asked Louis.
“I think we shouldn’t. We are her brothers now. So, we have to take care of her from any scars,” Zayn replied. We nodded because we thought that Zayn was right.
Harry seemed to hold Laurel really tight. Maybe he didn’t have a little sister before. I suggested that we should brought Laurel to our house. The rest of the boys agreed with me. The doctor will settle all the funeral matter and the dead body of Hannah will be sent to her house. We just need to do some preparation. Niall have called the manager to do a preparation at Laurel’s house as we got their adress. Auntie Anne, her neighbour also wanted to help.
“I think we should go now. Tomorrow at 10 a.m. the funeral will be held. Harry, let’s go.” I told all the boys. Slowly Harry stood up and carried Laurel on his both hands. Seemed like Laurel still didn’t release his neck.
For the first time, One Direction faced a woman that had a lung  cancer with her big wish. Wished a happiness for a daughter. And for the first time we saw a  woman breathed her last breath in front of us. Today was the saddest day in our life but getting a new sister was a generous gift that God ever gave to us.
 Zayn Malik’s POV
The way to our house was really quiet. Laurel was still on Harry’s lap. Seemed like she didn’t regain her consciousness yet. I could see Harry’s anxiety face when he touched and rubbed Laurel’s face and forehead. Well he showed his nature as a brother that loved his sister very much.
Me and the boys looked at her face. She was just a simple girl. We thought. About half an hour later, we arrived. Slowly Harry got out of the car woth Laurel in his both hands. We entered the house and decided to sit for a discussion at the living room.
“What should we do know?” I asked the boys. They didn’t answer me for a few minutes. All of them were staring the floor. Harry put Laurel lied on the sofa and sat beside her.
“For sure we have to console her first,” said Liam. He stooped his body to put his chin on his hand. 
“But how? She will be like hysterical people later,” asked Niall. We all nodded agreed with Niall.
“We are her brothers now. So, we must find a way to console her. Explain to her nicely. Poor Lou,” Harry said while looking at Laurel.
“Why did you say poor me?” asked Louis. Oh my God! Unfortunately the situation became really funny because of Louis. We all laughed a little. Then we stopped after remembering the real condition now.
“Laurel. Lou is Laurel. Remember her mother called her Lou?” replied Harry. I laughed really loud but it was only in my heart.
“I thought it was me. Okay so?” he asked again. “What should we do now?” Louis said with his frowning face. A second later, we heard someone coughed. That was Laurel. She regained her consciousness. The first thing she did was waking up from the sofa and stood.
She did an interpretation for a while by staring the things around her. We just understood. She was standing in a house that she didn’t know anything.
“One Direction? What are you doing here?” Laurel asked with her frowning face. Then she was like remembered something ans she cried. “Mom!! Where is my Mom? I dreamed that she have gone just now! Bring me back to Mom! Please 1D ! Please don’t kidnap me!” She begged us.
We were her brothers so why she thought that we kidnapped her? A misunderstanding occured.
“Hey Laurel. Sit here, come on,” Harry leaded her right hand and asked her to sit with us there. Harry put his hand on her shoulder. She seemed felt uneasy with Harry’s action. I knew that Harry tried to comfort her. “Laurel, where do you wanna go? We are your brothers now, so please stay here with us.”
Laurel still didn’t understand. Maybe she assumed the incident happened at the hospital just now was just a dream. Bad dream.
“You don’t wanna live with us? Aren’t we are your favourite band and the reason you still alive in this world is One Direction?” asked Niall with his Irish accent. Tried to smile. To that, Laurel just nodded but she still didn’t satisfied.
“But I need to take care of my Mom! Please send me back to Mom! Please!” she started again. Started to cry like hysterical people. She ran away to the primary door but Harry ran after her and avoided her from opening the door. She became angry and snorted to him.
She ran again towards upstairs. Faster. We worried she will fell down the stairs. We shocked and stood up. Niall and Harry tried to run after her. Upstairs, Harry and Niall grabbed her hands. I bet it hurted her but we must kept her calm. Me, Liam and Louis waited downstairs near the stairs. We could see the vigorous effort between Harry, Niall and Laurel.
Laurel seemed struggling really hard to escape from Harry and Niall. Suddenly we heard... PANG!! The boys were shocked. Laurel felt on the floor. Niall shocked and looked at Harry. Liam, Louis and me didn’t know what had happened. We heard Laurel cried and shouted,
“I hate you Harry! I hate you more than everything!” The house was echoed by Laurel’s voice. She ran downstairs and hugged Liam there. Liam shocked but also hugged her too. We walked to the sofa and sat there. Harry and Niall also walked to the sofa.
Then, we could clearly saw Laurel’s right cheek. Red and blushed. Did Harry??
“What’s happening Harry?” asked me. Harry’s head then wilted to the floor. Laurel still cried but not a loud as just now. She held Liam’s shirt really tight like she didn’t want to release him. Louis beated Harry’s back softly and made a give-me-an-explanation face.
“I slapped her,” whispered Harry but it was loud enough to be heard by us. Liam shocked. Louis and me too.
“What the hell are you doing Harry?! She need our support and not your cuffing blow!” Liam shouted at Harry. He still didn’t ignored neither to reply Liam. Seemed like something had possessed him, he walked upstairs. Maybe wanted to calm himself.
“Laurel, you need to hear what we wanted to tell you,” Niall said to Laurel. She stopped crying and released Liam’s shirt. I could see Liam’s shirt was too wet. The effect of Laurel’s tears. She cried really hard just now.
“What else Niall? Please let me go. I want to see Mom,” she begged again like before.
“Your Mom had passed away an hour ago....” Niall said softly. Laurel didn’t seem shocked. A little bit weird.
“Niall, it was just a dream. Mom is waiting for me at home.” Laurel denied Niall’s statement. I could see Louis became angry with this situation.
“It is not a dream! Your Mom had passed away just now! She told us to take care of you! And we are your brothers now! You should wake up from your dream Laurel! Please realize that your mother had gone! Gone from this world! Why can’t you understand???!” Louis showed his anger. Shouted to Laurel with his words without stopping to take a breath. His chest moved up and down because he was really angry.
Laurel cried again. Louis shouldn’t used that way to let Laurel knew the real situation but it was too late because he scattered his words to Laurel just now. She looked at Liam.
“Liam, Zayn.... Niall... Is it true?” she asked. Oh my God. I could not see her crying again but the truth would always be true.
“Yes Laurel. Your Mom had passed away. She will be buried tomorrow at 10 a.m. You should take a rest for tomorrow dear..” Liam replied to her. Laurel stood up and shouted,
“Lord! Why did you take my Mom from this world?!! Why?!! Now I am alone in this fake world!!!! Satisfied? Hah!!!! I hate you God! I hate you! Why didn’t you take me?!!! I’m alone now!!! Alone!!!!!”
Laurel wilted slowly on the floor. She lumped her hand and beated the floor. Hard. Really hard. Liam dashed to Laurel and restrained her from beating the floor. It would hurt her a lot.
“Laurel! Please don’t say like that! You still have us! We promised to take care of you. We’ve promised to your Mom!” Liam tries to console. He pulled Laurel to his chest and hugged her. Laurel lips kept saying ‘Why Lord...Why Lord...’ so many times until she felt asleep on Liam.
Me, Niall and Louis breathe because relieved that Laurel had calm. Liam lifted her to a room upstairs. Then, he entered his room. Maybe wanted to take some rest. Niall and Louis too. I walked to Harry’s room and knocked the door. There was no answer. So I decided to stride in. I saw Harry was standing at the balcony. Staring at the chirping birds.
“Vas happening Harry?” I asked Harry.
“I felt guilty because I’ve slapped Laurel. I didn’t meant it. Really. Zayn, help me,” he replied with a frowning face. I just didn’t know what to do that time.
“You’ve screwed up the mess so you must fix it back,” I advised him. He stared at the floor. Maybe thinking of his fault to Laurel just now. “She is our sister now. I think she will understand why you acted like that,” I said just to make him comfort. Harry kept in silent. I decided not to disturb him. So, I walked to my room to take a nap.

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