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They Are My Brothers - Part 3

4 January 2014 11:59 am 0 Directioner(s)

Vas happening ! Talk less read more . Last night PART 2 , so here is Part 3 . Enjoy ! *POV is point of view .

         “Hey Lou! What are you stared for?” asked Joey, my friend. I shocked a little. Then I smiled.

         “Nothing,” I said and held my guitar tightly. I didn’t know why I felt uneasy that day. “Why?”

         “Come on Lou. This is our trip. It is rarely for us to be together like this. Let’s just enjoy!” Joey said while raising her hand up in the sky. That time all of the students were sitting around a bonfire that was set up by a teacher on the ground. They were all laughed because really happy. Maybe.

         “Yes you’re right. We should enjoy this moment!” I said and showed Joey a forced laugh. I still remember the moment when I’m about to go for this trip.

         I picked my trolley’s bag and hung my guitar on my shoulder. On the day of the trip, I went to school with Joey because we needed to gather at school first. At the door, I stopped there.

         “Mom, I need to go. Please take care of yourself,” I advised her. She just nodded and said,

         “No, you should take care of yourself. I’m okay. Lou, I’m sorry if I could not give you a better life like your friends get. Just know that I love you so much dear.” She kissed my cheeks and my forehead. Then she hugged me. Really long. I could feel a difference about her hug than the previous days. “If I’ve gone from this world, please take care of yourself. I know you can live your life to the fullest.”

         “Mom, what are you talking about? I don’t wanna hear you talk about that anymore.” I said and hugged Mom again. “I should go. Joey is waiting for me in her car. I love you Mom,” I kissed Mom’s forehead. Then I headed to Joey’s car.

         “I love you too dear!” Mom shouted and made me turned round. I saw her cried. She waved to me. Maybe she never felt to live alone without me for a few days. I waved to her back and got into Joey’s car.
Laurel’s Mom POV

         I saw Joey’s car moved down the road. When the car disappeared, I got into the house. I coughed really bad. There was a secret that I never tell Laurel and I will never tell her. I don’t want to see Laurel sad with my condition now. Last week I met a doctor when Laurel went to school. And the result made me down but I had to be strong.

         Lung cancer. It made me burst into tears when the doctor told me. He said to me that I must make a chemotheraphy but I refused. I didn’t want Laurel know about my sick right now.

         Slowly I headed to Laurel’s room. Opened the door and slowly walked to her bed. I saw something on her desk. A notebook. I thought. I opened it and read :

Dear diary....

         You’re the only place that I got to tell all my feelings. I don’t want Mom know my hobby and my interest. Since 2009, I adored them. Who are they? One Direction. A British-Irish boyband. I adored them since The Xfactor. They are really famous right now. I used to stalk em everyday, collect all of their latest picture in my second hand laptop *Mom gave it to me. I really appreciate it.* and stalking them on twitter and instagram. Well I don’t have a social life like my friends do.

         I don’t like social. Besides, I love Mom damn much. I don’t wanna make her cry or the worst thing is feeling heartache with me. God please make me away from the thing that I really afraid to be happen.

         About One Direction, I have all their albums. I mean Up All Night and Take Me Home album. *I bet Mom didn’t know about this*. Joey gave it to me on my birthday last year. How she knows about my fandom. Now I’m craving of their latest perfume, Our Moment. Well.. I didn’t have a bravery to tell Mom. I don’t wanna tell her because I don’t wanna make her feel the hardship of getting the thing that I want or the thing that doesn’t really important.

         Got to live in this world with Mom is the important thing that I always happy with. I hope I will get to see One Direction soon. It has been 3 years now. Thanks Diary for hearing me. I love you..                                                                                                                                                                     Lou

I cried after reading her diary. How she didn’t want me to face the hardship. Laurel... ‘I promise I’ll make you dreams come true. One Direction. I must work for it all out..’

Laurel’s POV

         “Lou! What are you thinking about?” asked Joey. I jolted from my thoughts. I smiled to her and showed my dimple on my right cheek.

         “Nothing Joey. I’ve said to you just now, right?” I said and kept smiling to her. She was the only bestfriend that I had. Joey then stood up and shouted, “Guys! Do you want any entertainment tonight?”

         All of our friends shouted back, “Yes!!!!” “We want!”

         “Okay. Now our friend Ariana Laurel Swift wanna sing a song for all of you!” Joey shouted again. Oh God! Damn I was like chopstick that time.

         “Joey!” I grabbed her hand and forced her to sit beside me. “What are you doing? I’m not good at singing,” I whispered to her. All of my friends were looking at with the face laughing-my-ass-off . Arghhhh!!!

         “Don’t lie to me. I know you are a good singer. C’mon! Our friends are waiting for us,” she replied with her unblamed face. Lazily I stood up and corrected the position of my guitar.

         “This song is called Always Be Together by Little Mix,” I told them and started to pluck my guitar. Well I chosed that song because the song was about friendship. It told me the value of friendship. Although we were far apart from each other, we will always be together at the end.

We are friends for life
Hold that deep inside
Let this be your drive to survive
And just stand high and tall
Make sure you give your all
And if you ever fall, know that I’m right here

Chorus :
We’ll always be together don’t you worry
I’ll always be by yourside don’t you worry
The circle will never end
Just know that we’ll meet again
And we’ll always be together forever always.. I am here

Find me in the sky
Dancing with the moon at night
Your heartbeat is disguised as my lullaby
Be happy and know that I’m watcing you travel far and wide
Waiting for us to meet again

Chorus :
We’ll always be together don’t you worry
I’ll always be by yourside don’t you worry
The circle will never end
Just know that we’ll meet again
And we’ll always be together forever always.. I am here

         A second after finishing that song, my friends all applaused to me. I didn’t know why. This was the first time I felt appreciated by my friends.

         “Lou! We are fascinated by your voice!” shouted Danial, followed by the claps from my friends.

         “Wow Laurel! I didn’t expect that your voice will be like this. So lovely. You should take part in our school singing competition,” Sir Jake gave me a commendation. I just nodded. Didn’t know how to answer all of them.

         “Seems like someone got a very big applause tonight,” I could hear a sarcasm from Joey when I’m back sat down beside her.

         “Oh Joey. Nothing to be proud just now,” I said while putting my guitar on my lap. “I just did what you’ve said to me. Enjoy the moment.” I replied. To that, Joey just nodded quickly. A sarcasm. Yeayh. She always like that. And will always be like that. Never mind. I loved the way she was. But I still thought of Mom,alone at home. How is she? Was she okay?

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