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20 April 2016 9:07 pm 0 Directioner(s)

Hi there, how’re you doing? I'm doing fine today, thanks God 

Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about a sensitive subject which is Fears 

In my opinion, fear is something that refrain you from doing the things that you really wanted to do but since you have it, you kind of stuck and can’t really do it. As for me, I have a few fears that are really obvious, I think. Maybe after you read this, you’ll find that we have the same fears? Maybe. Let’s get to it!

1.   Fear of don’t know what to do.

It’s kind of obvious that this fear appears in myself.  There will be sometime where I am surrounded by a group of people which can be my friends or strangers, and I don’t really know what to do. It’s kind of awkward too because I look like an idiot and a victim of social casualty.

Apart from that, I have so many things to do yet I don’t even know where to start – which thing to do first, which thing to do last and which thing needs to be focus at. It’s hard to not to get this feeling because I always over thinking about stuff happening around me. For instance, assignments. Since I just finished my foundation in English in uni, let me recap what happened and stuff. Group projects. Hearing this thing made me shivered. It was a nightmare. The worst nightmare ever. I had the fear of don’t know what to do when my group mates didn’t do the works or just taking things easily. I’m not saying this to make them look as bad people, but that is the reality. This fear appeared because of people around me. (Hah people be aware when you’re around me, lol just kidding )

As a wrap up for this fear, try to practice talking in front of the mirror when you feel like when you’re around people or when you feel so awkward and don’t know how to start conversation. You can talk in the mirror like – “Hey! How’re you doing?” or “What’s your favorite music? (That’s kind of random but it’s good for the start) or pretending to ask “Do you have a pen?” I promise, you'll ace at this in no time 

Those kinds of questions can lead you to be friends with so many people. Just try not to be social awkward (like me ) and try to talk. If people do not respond well or they just ignore you, leave. These kinds of people are suck but yeah at least you try to light up conversation. About the group projects, when you’re feeling you don’t know what to do, just do the works from what you know, from your knowledge. Even your group members do not care about the projects at least the group have you to care about it. Just ignore them because they are not worth your precious time. Let them be. It’s their job to settle it with God later. Be honest, be yourself and be successful! 

 2.  Fear of failure.

Can I tell you something? 99% of the time, I always feel this. Failure. 7 letters yet damn thoughtful.  I am afraid that I’ll fail on something that I work on or something that I’m doing. It’s because people’s expectations on me are higher as Everest Mountain. So, I’d do anything to avoid failure. I’m afraid if I fail, my parent would be disappointed of me, mad at me and even ashamed of me. Me, being the eldest one in the family wouldn’t want that to happen. Never in the million years.  I would do anything to be on top but why do I always fail? Why? People who do not even work hard are even more successful than I am. Why?

It’s because we always have in mind that we don’t want to fail. If we always think about failure, it will always follow us wherever we go. “Please I don’t want to fail this, please.”  When we get the result, we failed. Why? It’s because never a second in our mind we think about being successful.

But the thing is, if we don’t fail, we don’t learn. I always fail on things I’ve done. Literally. How do I cope with that? Stand up. I stood up because I know I can do it. We can do it. Just a little bit push and boom! We’re on top of the world!

It’s easier to be said than done, right? Even brilliant people are always fail to achieve what they have now, so do we. Do it all over again. Do or die. That’s that really.

3.  Fear of letting people down.

    This fear is kind of the same with number 2 – Fear of failure. I always fear of letting people down because I have this kind of behavior or attitude or characteristic where I am afraid to see people down or sad. It’s kind of made me feel low and down too. Even watching a sappy love movie made me cry an ocean.  I always try to cheer people up with my stupid knock knock jokes  or stupid useless jokes or showing silly videos and pictures to everyone. 

     I always want to make people laugh even though I’m not feeling happy or in the right mood to joke around. Have you ever felt like that? For sure some of you have.
     The thing is you need to be selfish for once. Find a time for yourself where you could enjoy doing things that you love without having to think about others.

Well that’s that really. I hope you enjoy this entry and if you liked this entry, comment below what did you think about it! – Finn 

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