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They Are My Brothers - Part 4

10 January 2014 2:06 pm 1 Directioner(s)

Vas happening ? !!

Hiiii cute as a button every single on of you . So please click my follow button . Lol . Tetibe . Yeah . Hari ni dah 10 Januari 2014 . Aku ulang 2014 . Tahun ni merupakan tahun killer bagi aku . Maybe . Sebab tahun ni aku SPM . Awal awal dah stress. Tak patut tak patut . Instagram and twitter aku on lagi . Cuma kejap kejap je laa aku main . Update satu gambar pun dah enough . 

So , here it is . Part 4 . Ada tak sape sape yang baca cerita aku ? Hari tu PART 3 . So now , Part 4 ! Here we go again ! *Fyi , this story is about One Dirction* POV is point of view or in Malay sudut pandangan .

Laurel’s Mom POV

         I still had a war with my feeling to Laurel. Apparently she had a lot of secrets that she will never told me. How cared my only daughter about my condition. During my last days with her, I should have done the best for her. I should have gave all the things that she wanted before. And her biggest dream.. One Direction. I should have gave One Direction to her..      
         Out of the blue, I could feel something like lump at my throat. Then I coughed really strong until I could see the blood on my hand. Oh god. Did my time has arrived? Suddenly the wind blew and me sneezed. So I decided to make a cup of tea. Enough to make my body warm.

         Slowly I put down Laurel’s diary on her desk and strode to the kitchen. Almost a few minutes I was finding for some sugar but I couldn’t find any, so I decided that there was no sugar in this kitchen. Then I walked to my room to take a long and wide shawl to cover my neck. I needed to buy some sugar.

         After taking it, I entwined it around my neck and walked outside. The door was locked and swiftly I walked to the shop nearby my house. My cough didn’t lessen yet and my face looked very pale. On the way to the shop, my neighbour, Anne greeted me.

         “Hannah, where are you going?” she asked. I coughed again in front of her. Really worst until I had to hold my stomach because it was really hurt.

         I smiled and answered her, “Going to shop. Want to buy some sugar.”

         “Why your face looked so pale?” Anne asked me. I touched my face.

         “Maybe it was so cold today,” I said while laughing a little. “I need to go. See you later.”

         Anne just followed my steps by both of her eyes. Nobody knows that I’m sick. And waiting to die.. At shop, I took some sugar, paid for it and quickly back home. The way back home was really the worst painful that I have ever had. I felt so dizzy with my lung beated fast. It was like want to burst. My cough still didn’t stop.

         A few metres from house, I staggered alone there. I could feel the world spun around and the light like wanted to go. At last I felt on the road and I could hear Anne shouted from her house.

         “Hannah!!” She shouted and ran towards me. The blood was out of my mouth and reached the road. I was halfly conscious that time. Anne tried to make me conscious but the pain was slowly gone and I collapsed there. I didn’t know what happened next.


         “You should tell Laurel about this, Hannah,” Anne advised me while looking at the bedridden me in the ward. I smiled. Never. I will never told her.

         “Today she will come back from Bradford. I don’t want to make her sad. Just tell her that I had a fever and have to stay here.”

         Anne shaked her head repeatedly side by side. Not agreed with my decision.

         “No Hannah. She has the right to know that you’re suffering lung cancer.” Anne still with her thought. I just kept silent and coughed all over again. The situation calmed for a while when Anne’s phone rang. She picked up the phone and shocked. “Laurel? Your Mom....” Anne looked at me. I just nodded. “Your Mom was at the hospital with me. She had a fever.”

         “What??! Oh my God!” Laurel cried at the end of line. “I’ll be there soon. Thanks Auntie Anne.”

         “I’ve said to you. Knowing that you had a fever, she cried like that. What if she knew that you suffered lung cancer?” Anne tried to console me. I just could cry. Anne gave a sigh to me.

         “One Direction are here?” whispered a nurse to her friend.

         “Yes. They are here to visit some of the patients here. Our hospital was so lucky you know,” replied her friend.

         ‘One Direction are here? Is that my daughter’s favourite band? This is the only chance that I just got and I must use it!’ I whispered in my heart. Out of the blue, I coughed really hard until the blood gushed from my mouth. My cloth was wet with blood. Anne had a really strong shock.

         “Doctor! Emergency! Doctor!” Anne shouted. I just could not stop cough and the blood kept gushed from my mouth. A doctor and a nurse ran to my room. The nurse wiped my blood at my mouth and the doctor checked my lung.

         “Doctor.....” I called the doctor.

         “Yes Maam. How do you feeling now?”

         “I do not feeling anything. I think my time has arrived but I have one wish. And that wish is really important to me,” I said weakly to the doctor. He nodded. 

“Please bring One Direction at my ward now. Please..” I tugged the doctor’s coat. Begging for him to fulfill my wish. The doctor silent for a while before nodded and went out my ward. I breathed heavily. My chest was congested.


Harry Styles’ POV

         That day was the day that we had to visit a hospital in London. It was like a charity program to make the patients cheered up with our attendant. I didn’t know  why but that day I was feeling like I will get something that were really meant to me. Huh... Maybe it was my feeling or my day-dream.

         When I will get the real princess? I was really boring to live alone. I mean live alone without girl. Wait? What I’m talking about? Back to our visit. As usual, we got ready ourselves at home and got into a limousin to go anywhere. That day was the strange day ever. Liam, Niall,Zayn, Louis and included me were quiet. Really quiet.

         Hell yes for me actually! So that I didn’t have to hear the same Fungi Jokes from Louis. It drived me sick and crazy. Also to the other boys. The way to the hospital was going smoothly until we got to a Cancer’s Block. The block or the wards where the patients that suffered cancer being placed.

         We greeted the patients and gave them some gifts. At least we could make them smile. Niall always with his laugh and made the children laughed too. Louis with his jokes. Liam also be his partner that day. Zayn used to smile and me.. As usual. Charmed myself. I take that back! I mean smiled like Zayn too. *showed my dimples*

         About half an hour there, suddenly a doctor came nearer to us. Seemed like he was very serious to talk to us. Liam acted as a responsible man asked the doctor. The doctor then told us something that really made us jolted.

         “There is a mother that wanted to see you guys now. I think her time has arrived. She suffered a lung cancer. She was begging me to see all of you. She has something to tell you guys. Please meet her now. Room number 7, at the left side.” The doctor said seriously.

         After the doctor left, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis rushed to the stated room. I just stoned there. I felt like something tugged my heart. I felt like something melted in my heart. Throwing all my feelings, I followed the boys. I was a little bit left behind.

         In the ward, I saw a woman lying weaker on the bed. She looked terrifying with the pale face and the crack in skin of her mouth. She smiled when the boys and me entered the room.

         “Boys... So you are One Direction?” She asked slowly. Liam replied ‘yes’ while the rest just nodded. “Could you guys please do me a favour?” She asked again and started to breath heavily. It was like there was a big stone on her chest. I looked at her with a sadness feeling.

         “Mom!!” I heard a girl shouted and opened the door. We all looked at her. I just fascinated with her look. A simple girl with jeans and jacket, long dark brown hair with a pair of hazel eyes. Wait! This was not the time for me to think of this!

         “Mom! What’s happening?” She ran closer to her Mom and held her Mom’s hands. She also looked at us. “One Direction?? Oh my God!” She whispered.

         “Laurel.... Please listen here babe. There’s something that you should know about me now. I suffered...” she stopped there and we all waited for her next words. “....lung cancer.”

         Laurel. She cried a lot. Could not accept her mother’s condition. I was also sympathy of her condition that time.

         “Mom, why didn’t you tell me from the beginning? Mom!” She hugged her Mom. Then, the woman kissed her forehead.

         “Dear. I think my time has arrived. Just hear what I want to tell you. It is also related to One Direction,” her Mom said. We all shocked. Related to us? We all made a give-me-an-explanation face. “Lou, I’ve read you diary and I knew all your secrets that you hid from me. Especially about One Direction. That’s why I brought them here.”

         Apparently, Laurel’s nickname was Lou. Same like Louis. We all listened eagerly on what Laurel’s Mom wanted to tell us.

         “One Direction.. After I died, please take care of my daughter. Make her as your own sister. Poor my daughter soon if I died. She doesn’t have anybody else beside me and you. I’ve read her diary. Laurel said that the reason she alive and survive til now are me and One Direction. But if I died, she only has five of you. Her dad was died when she was ten. Seriously she doesn’t has anybody else anymore. Please take care of her. Make her as your own sister. Treat her like you’re her biological brothers. She deserves it. Please my sons. I....”

Laurel’s Mom stopped for a while. She coughed a little. “I just want to see her happy and enjoy her life. She’s too young to face all of this but I know that she’ll be fine if you guys lead her and always stand by her side when she’s sad or happy. Please. You guys are the reason for Lou to survive. Please don’t let anyone hurts her. And Laurel my only daughter that I have...I love you dear. I will love you forever even I’m gone from this world seeking for paradise with your father. And in your diary.. You said that you want One Directon’s perfume right? Our Moment...”

Laurel’s Mom opened a drawer beside the bed and took out a bottle of Our Moment. Our perfume. Poor Lou. Because of money, she hid and disguised anything that she wants.

“I asked Auntie Anne to buy this for you just now.. I knew you want it. Take it dear... Maybe this is my last gift for you..” She handed it to Laurel’s hand. Slowly Laurel took it. She was already cried badly. I also stealed a look at the boys. Louis was bursting into tears while Zayn, Liam and Niall were about to cry. Me? I didn’t know what was my feeling.

“Mom.. Thank you because you’ve gave me birth on this world. Thank you for giving me a life. Thanks for everything. I love you Mom but please don’t leave me alone,” Laurel cried and hugged her Mom. Being far apart from the people that we loved will never be as easiest as we thought.

“It’s okay dear. Just now that....” The woman was out of her breathe. “I... always proud.... to have you as my... daughter! My grim fate has....... One Direction please...” Laurel’s Mom called us.We moved closer to her. Out of the blue, Lou’s Mom held my right hand. I could feel the coldness that shivered her. “....please take care of my daughter like your own sister.. please.............” The monitor beside her sounded many times. We all nodded eagerly. It showed that we’ve promised to her. Laurel’s Mom took her last breath. She was looking at Laurel  and her breathe stopped there. Her eyes was perfectly closed.

“Mom? Mom?? Mom!!!” Laurel jiggled the body of her dead Mom. She was crying real badly so that I had to calm her. Slowly I rubbed her back.

“Laurel.. Please don’t be like this..” I said and held her hands as she was gone like a hysterical people. I felt something when I held her hands.

“Harry was right Laurel. You should let your Mom go..” Liam tried to console her but she was going like a crazy people and shouted. We all flustered to see Laurel like that. How her Mom meant everything to her.

“No!!!!! Mom!!!!!! Mom!!!! Please don’t leave me alone!!” She cried and appealed.

“No Laurel! You still have us. We’ve promised to take care of you to your mother. We are your brothers now! We will never let you walk alone!” I said and hugged her. She seemed calm and calm and... Collapsed on me. In my hug.. We all just shocked and panicked. What a tragic incident that happened today. A Mom with her wish for us to take care of her daughter. We were just shocked.

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