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Hello, it's been quite some time.

16 April 2016 2:54 pm 0 Directioner(s)

Hello there :) I don't know how to say this but I haven't posted anything here for like a year now. I don't know what's wrong with me. Actually, I made another blog and decided to leave this one stranded. However, I found myself missing this blog. When I opened this account, I saw a few comments waiting to be approved and once I read them all, I felt awful. I felt like I'm a horrible person for leaving this blog just like that.

Nonetheless, I also don't want to promise to update like I used to especially the tutorial part. I felt like all of my tutorials are all ancient and all. I might delete all of them because I think many people couldn't copy the codes. And me, m=being myself is too lazy to figure out what's wrong with my blog and coding bleh bleh bleh. 

I'm so sorry if I made you feel sad for when you cannot copy the codes or cannot follow my tutorials because I want to admit here that they are crap. Meh :3 What else?

Oh, I just finished my foundation in Tesl in UiTM early this month. Now, I'm just searching for jobs for experiences and of course money. Tonight, I'm going to teach standard 4 and 5 students English at a tuition center.

Apart from that, I've moved on from my previous crush. Instead, somebody has crushed me to death. God, I feel like I'm dying right now. (kidding) But you get the idea of it - for when you like somebody and he doesn't like you back.

I'm trying to be funny and throw some puns here but I know I totally failed so why bother trying? Why bother why bother? Lelz xX
I'm craving for some pizzas right now I mean can't it be somebody sending pizza to my house right now???

I think I should stop right now. Comment if you miss me, and unfollow if you don't :') I'm serious XxxxxXxxxxX

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