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19 April 2016 7:45 pm 0 Directioner(s)

Hello everybody , it's me Finn ! I'm back after 3 days ? Wow . That's a big challenge for me to do . Since I finished my foundation a week ago , I thought I could just go back to my blog and write some weird stuff like I used to do before . I'm pretty sure this blog has been damn dusty than it ever be before , so a big sorry to all of you . 

Yes , I got like 300 ++ followers but all of you are silent readers :( Some of you are not even active anymore :( I'm sad . I want things to be like it used to before . Back to where I was 14 , still curious about the world of blogging . God , I've been blogging for how long now . It must have been 4 years or so .

How time flies so fast . Anyway , I'm in the process of editing my tutorials and stuff . I want to make this blog fully English but I know I can't because I started this blog in pure Malay language . I still remember back when I was 15 , I used to write stories all in Malay but everything changed I guess when I was 16 . I fell in love with English writing and stuff , and still falling head over heels to it .

Now , I'm active writing stories in English . Wait ! Maybe I can post it here ! Maybe I can post my story here so that y'all can comment and I can make my writing much better than before ! God , I forgot . A year ago , I posted a story here . It's called They Are My Brothers . It's a fan fiction about One Direction of course :P However , just now when I scrolled and looked at the story , I was shocked because I saw tons of grammar mistakes , vocabularies and all . 

And I realized that because my passion in English becomes deeper than before . I'm thankful that I manage to fix my mistakes and my weaknesses although not all . Well at least I'm improving , right ?

I'm thinking of changing my blog skin and edit my blog a little bit because I'm not satisfied with it . ALSO , I'm changing my URL maybe . I will tell you when I'm done with all the renovation and stuff . Okay , Finn . You should stop saying stuff >,< Or maybe I should stop writing right now AHAHAHAHA XD

That's it guys . I'm telling you that this blog is in process of renovation . I'll see you guys next time ;)

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