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Part 6 - They Are My Brothers

21 February 2014 1:41 pm 0 Directioner(s)

Vas happening ?! Lama gila kot aku tak update blog ni . Sorry sesangat . 2 minggu yang lepas aku exam . TOV . Take of value . SPM . Susah nak mampus . Addmath aku tak leh jawab terus . Biology boleh tahan lagi . Fizik pun . Chemistry pun macam apa-apa je . Haha . Dad cakap biasa laa TOV memang susah . Dia nak tengok je setakat mana kau tu boleh buat . Cenggituuu :p Aku pening kepala duk fikir benda-benda ni . Nak nak aku ni perempuan . Kuota kat uni nanti padat okayy . Kalau lelaki kuota lebih . Macam kahwin jugak kan . Untunglaa boleh kahwin empat . #eh ?? Hahaha . Dah dah . Melalut pulak . Dah lama aku tak post fanfiction aku . So here it is !

They Are My Brothers :)

Laurel’s POV

         I awaken from my sleep when I heard someone opened the door. Harry Styles. It was Harry Styles. The boy that I adored so much. I tried to smile at him but remembering he slapped me yesterday, my face turned grim and sour. Harry wore the black shirt with a black trousers. He looked very simple. It was like he wanted to go to a funeral ceremony.

         I wondered why I must met him in this saddest situation? I meant why did I didn’t have an excited feeling to see him and the boys?

         I held my blanket tightly. Harry came closer to me and sat on the bed, really closed to me. I closed my eyes because I was so scared. Scared of his cuffing blow like yesterday. My body was shivering with fear.

         “Lou....” he called me and touched my right hand. How dare he touched me! I opened my eyes and he was right in front of me, looking in my eyes. My eyes were into his eyes. We stared each other for a while. “How do you feeling today?” His asking made me jolted.

         “I.. I hate you Harry!” I shouted at him but he was still in calm and steady.

         “Lou.. Let’s forget about it. You should get yourself ready now. Take your bath and wear those cloth,” he said while pointing at the black cloth on a table.

         “Why did you wear black and why I must wear black too?” I asked him. Looking in his perfect shining eyes.

         “Did you forget that today is your mother funeral ceremony?” He asked without cared of my feeling. I almost cried.

         “Funeral? Who’s....?” I let my words hung there. Realized that I’m not dreaming. Mom was already.... I could not...

         “Your mother. Please Laurel. Control your emotion. Push your ego down for the sake of your own mother. Get yourself ready in 15 minutes. We’ll wait downstairs. Faster!” Harry blew his words to me and again without cared about my feeling. How evil you Harry! I hate you to the stars and didn’t back!!

         I stared at the shower in the bathroom. Then I realized that I should got myself ready for the funeral. Hopefully I could accept this fate. Yes. It was a fate. A bad fate for me. I got myself ready with all black and walked downstairs.

         My stomach sounded. I held it. The boys looked at me. I didn’t eat anything since yesterday and they were just relaxed? How not caring they were..

         “Can I get some food?” I asked the boys. They smiled at me.

         “Sure pretty lady. Come with me,” replied Niall. Maybe he tried to cheer me up. “I hate cereal but we only have this. Get your stomach full and we’ll drop at a restaurant after your mother’s funeral.”

         My mother’s funeral? It wasn’t just a dream. It was real. Mom had died. One Direction didn’t kidnap me. They just wanted to take care of me. My favourite boyband took care of me? I sat on a chair in the kitchen and stared at the cereal in the bowl. I knew Niall stared at me for a few minutes ago.

         Ehem! Niall pretended coughing himself. I knew it was just a strategy to ‘wake’me up. I jolted and feed myself with the cereal. I hate cereal too but what choice that I had. I looked at Niall and he smiled. I tried to smile but it was just a line and flat. Didn’t wide and broad.

         “Niall, why did you guys agreed to take care of me?” I asked him and took the coffee in front of me.

         “Because you are so cute,” Niall laughed a little. I just smiled. Really lazy to have a joke on the ‘cloudy’ morning. After finishing my food, we walked to the living room. Their house was too big. I just realized when I had a chance for a minute to figure and stare around the house from the living room.

         “Shall we go now?” asked Liam. We all just nodded and walked outside the house. Niall held my hand. I just let him to do so. In their limousin, I sat between Harry and Niall. Our position were so closed and our shoulders touched each other. The car moved to somewhere that I didn’t know.

         Halfway, I let my head felt on Niall’s shoulder. He turned his face and looked at me. I just gave him a line of smile and held his arm.

         “Are you okay?” he asked me. I nodded.

         “Yeah but I got headache a little,” I touched my head. I could feel someone was staring at me. I bet it was Harry. Whatever it was, I hate him!

         I raised my head up when the car stopped. Niall grabbed my hand and led me out of the car. I knew this house! It was my house! Niall and me walked towards my house. The rest of the boys followed us behind. The flowers piled up in the worst way. Would I be strong enough to face this life without Mom?

         I saw Auntie Anne sat on a chair in my house. Beside her was a casket with a bouquet of flowers on it. She looked at me with a pity vision. I could understand. She made a sign called me to take a look of the casket. Harry rubbed my back. I walked towards Auntie Anne and closed my eyes. Tried to find some strength to look at Mom.

         Slowly I opened my eyes saw Mom’s pale face in the casket. She ‘slept’ with a beautiful smile. A last smile that I could stare for from her. I touched the casket and slowly the tears streamed down my face. Crying. That was all I could do. Auntie Anne hugged me from my back. I was sobbing there. The boys  only could stand there and watched me cry.

         “Laurel.. You should let your Mom go. I’m sure that she wanted to see you smile and go on with your life even though she’s not around you anymore..” Consoled Auntie Anne. I nodded. The word ‘anymore’ hurted me a lot. Mom wouldn’t be around me anymore. Anymore...

         “The van was ready boys,” I heard someone told the boys. Maybe it was their manager because they were wearing the same tags. The boys have settled all of this?

         “Okay thanks,” Liam answered.

         “Laurel, we need to go to the grave now,” Auntie Anne told me. I stayed away from the casket and wiped my tears. I walked to the boys. Out of the blue, Harry hugged me. I was struggling with my feeling to hug him back or not. He rubbed my back and whispered some strength’s words to me.

         We walked to the car and departed to a  grave area, not far from my house. Harry’s words kept lingering in my mind. ‘Stay strong, baby.. I will always here for you...’

         To see Mom buried beneath the ground was the toughest part in my life. What would you do if someone that you loved and always be there for you when you need was gone away forever from this world? It was so hard for me but the boys still standing behind me when I need someone to hold me.

         I put red roses on Mom’s grave. She loved roses especially the red one. Now, it decked Mom’s new ‘home’. Crying? My tears had done. I could not cry anymore. All I could do was letting her meditated calmly in the other world.

         ‘Mom... I just want you to know that I will always love you even if you’re not around with me anymore. I will always remember your words to be a devoted person to everyone that I ever known. I know that I’m not alone now. You gave me five boys that I really love and let them be my brothers. I will never ever waste them. They are too worth to me. I love you Mom.. Rest with peaceful, Mom....’

         I stood up and turned away. I saw One Direction standing and waiting for me. The people slowly back to their home. I smiled to them.

         ‘I should not waste them. They are best gift that I ever had. If someone ask me, I would love to say yes.. THEY ARE MY BROTHERS.....’

         In the car, I kept quiet. But remembering Mom, I asked the boys to drop me at my house for a while. They agreed and we went to my house again. I just wanted to take the invaluable things in my house. The boys still faithful with me all the time. I entered my room. Harry followed me. I just let him to. I still angry with him.

         I took my guitar, my One Direction’s albums, laptop, the gifts that Mom ever gave to me like shoes, clothes and my diary. Seriously I didn’t want to stay at One Direction’s house but they refused me to stay alone here. I wanted to bring all the things to their house but it would not load in their car.

         Harry sat on my bed. Who gave him the permission??!! I just made myself busy by packing my things. He followed me by both of his eyes. I felt uncomfortable but I pretended to be relax.

         “If you want to take all of your things to our house, I can tell the manager to settle all of this,” Harry extended an ‘offer’.

         “No,” I answered a word. I still busy packing my things. He laughed when I took my bra and put it into a plastic bag. “It is not funny!” I yelled with my frowning face.

         “Are you still mad of me?” asked Harry. He seemed serious.

         “I don’t know,” I answered and put my things on the bed beside Harry. I hung the guitar on my back. Huh... I gave a sigh. I took my diary on my study table and then took the plastic bags on the bed.

         “What is that?” Harry asked again and looking at my diary. He seemed didn’t want to give up. Forcely, he grabbed my diary. I was shocked.

         “Harry give my diary back! Give me back!” I shouted. He ran to the other side of my bed. I chased him. “Harry! Please give my diary back!” I tried to take it from his hand but he was too tall and I could not reach his hand.

         “Forgive me first!” He said. I snorted.

         “Harry!” I jumped but still didn’t reach my diary. I jumped and jumped until I lost my equilibrium and bumped into him. He also lost his equilibrium and both of us felt on the floor. I overlapped him. His eyes were into mine. My heart was pounding fast. Our chest moved up and down. Nervous.

         “Ouch! You’re too heavy,” he pretended angry with me. I snorted again.

         “Serves your right! Give my diary back!” I grabbed my diary. “I hate you more than everything, Styles!” I stayed away from him a few steps. He laughed. I didn’t see where was the funny part. Harry Styles was crazy! He was crazy!!

         “And I love you more than everything, sister!” He replied while smiling really broad. Like the road on the highway. Yeah like that! I gave him a sidelong glance. He laughed again and said, “You’re so cute when you’re glancing at me!”

         “Bullshit!” I yelled.

“Bulltruth!” he didn’t give up to disturb me and made me angry. Arghh!! Troubled! He laughed all over again when he saw my frowning face. I will make sure you will get a big trouble from me later! We will see Harry Styles!!!

I tried to lift up all the things alone. Near my room’s door, I felt on the floor and the things scattered. Harry Styles laughed all over again until he rolled over and over on my bed. I kept staring on the floor. Harry moved closer to me and touched my back.

“Hey Lou. Are you okay?” he asked. TAP! TAP! TAP! My tears streamed down on the floor. He jolted and raised my face up. “Lou.. I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry..”

I cried. In front of him. My feeling was still sensitive. I had to attend Mom’s funeral just now. It was not easy for me and having someone that always made me as his sarcasm everytime. It was not okay for me. I hate Harry...

“Laurel... I’m so...” his words stopped there when he saw me sobbed. I’m not joking that time. It was real. I held my chest. Hurt. It was really hurt. He hugged me. I just let him did that.

“Harry, I hate you more than everything! Do you think how is my feeling right now? And about my mother just now.. I just can’t... I could barely hold all of this inside...” I cried in his hug.

“I’m so sorry. I just wanted to cheer you up,” he rubbed my back.

“I hate you!” I stood up and picked my things. I left my guitar there in hope he will carry it for me. I walked outside. The boys were waiting for me there.

“Lou, are you okay?” Niall asked.

“I’m okay!” Me and Louis answered at the same time. We stared at each other and smiled.
“Oh sorry I thought..” We whispered at the same time again. Niall was already laugh. Zayn and Liam just smiled at me. And Harry, what did he do in my room? Whatever! I hate him.

“So there are a lot of confusing things here. Louis, I think we should call you Boo because.. Yeah.. You know. Laurel nickname was Lou.” Liam suggested. Zayn laughed a little.

“Yes we should!” I heard someone answered from my back. Harry. Without any permission he took his arm on my shoulder. I felt uneasy. “Right sister?” he asked me.

“Oh I’m glad to know that both of you were already right,” Liam made a prediction without knowing the truth. Yes we were! The world war III will happen later!

“Yes we are. Right dear?” he asked me again. I was hesitated to nod neither to reply Liam. At last, I nodded. “Shall we go now?” Harry asked. He entwined his arm into my arm. I just pretending okay. Zayn and Louis helped to carry all of my things into the car.

‘Home.. I will miss you. I was growing up here since seventeen years ago. I will miss you a lot. All of the memory that happened here will be always in my mind, my heart and my soul...’

With a heavy-hearted feeling, I strode to the car. I took a look at my house for the last time. Sighed. That was all I could do...

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