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9 August 2014 3:23 pm 0 Directioner(s)

Ooppss xD Selfie a little there x

Hi lovely :) I'm kinda back now since the last few months. Months. Wow! That's pretty crazy. Before I babbling even more, Eid Mubarak to all of the muslims out there especially you, you.. Yeah and you :) x To be honest, there were a lot of things that happened in my life for the past few months and here I am, writing them on my pretty obvious, definitely and surely ugly blog. Too much adjectives I guess :p

My niece. *yawn*

So basically, I've been so busy lately with tons of homework from school *looked like I've done it all* #note the sarcasm. And busy with tons of extra classes because I am still crawling to finish all the lessons in class! Like seriously I got a lot of things to do. Revision, exercises and notes. Too many things to do in a such short of time. Lack of time. Besides, my trial is just around the corner. August 27th 2014. Oh my God! Help me! I'm just not ready yet but till when? 

By hooks or by crooks, I need to prepare myself, make myself ready to have a SPM war if I want more. I mean, the success will just come to you like the howling wind if you keep on working. Oh yeah. I hold on this Harry Styles' words so tight. "Dream comes true if you keep on dreaming." I glued this words on my class' wall and you know what I got? A cynical critism from my English's teacher. Yeah maybe she doesn't think what I am thinking of.

For me, Harry was right. If you keep on dreaming to your dream, of course you will work on it like hell. For example, I had a dream to buy a pair of Vans. I know it's ridiculous but hey look at me now. I got it! I've been dreaming about it all day and all night that led me to save my money, then got to buy it. Cool right? Same as what Harry said. If you dream to be a success person like crazy, you will surely work on it and I reckon the success will come to you just like that. Mark my words guys. Who might knows what I am saying right now is the truth ;) So, "Dream comes true if you keep on dreaming."

What else? Hmm.. Do you any Wattpad account? Well I have it one since last year and been posting a few stories on it. If you have the interest in English, you might want to read my story :) I currently writing fanfiction of One Direction. It is a must for a Directioner to have a Wattpad account so that they would be fangirling like heaven all day, all night. Go, it's fun! And I am so busy writing my story too, They Don't Know About Us. It is a Harry's fanfiction. I also have interest on Vampire genre but still do not have any time to write one. After SPM? That will be a maybe then.

Seriously guys I've been so freakin' much busy with school. Thanks God I got a chance to update this. The tutorial on my blog. I don't know if I get to continue it again because I don't have time to mess up with the codes anymore :( I think I will just stop on what it had till now. You are allowed to use all the tutorials, just please give me some credits x Oh and I bet you haven't seen my face before right? I've been collecting so much guts to post my picture on this blog. I was just not ready to have a lot of assumptions from anyone. But I think I'm ready now. Here is a picture of me and my Dad :

Small picture there. I'm just an ugly girl. No need to be emphasized tho. Sorry. Quite low self-esteem ;)

I got to go now. But if you want to talk, please contact me on twitter and instagram. And it would be @radberry_ I would be happy to reply your comments or whatever you post there. I'm an awesome ya know :) x

Okay guys. I love you. Make sure to listen to The Vamps - Shout About It. I dedicate that song to all of you for being so faithful, waiting for me to update *wink wink*

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