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17 May 2014 2:34 pm 1 Directioner(s)

Hello :) *jangan baling botol please!* I know I've been a piece of shit lately. Haven't update anything for about a whole month? I guess. Just wanna let a piece of my feelings out of its box. As ya know today is 17th of May 2014. It has been five months already. How many months til SPM? I don't know. Sigh. Lately I've been so stressed and depressed. What are the differences between em? Ask Mr. Google :)

There are a lot of things that I wanna told you actually. First of all, 20th of March 2014. The day where I got my first heartbreak. Yes. For the first time ever. I think I've wrote about this on the past entry. That's the point. My heart really shattered to the ground just like that. But I'm really thankful cuz I've got a few friends that are really supportive and always be by myside whenever I need. A boy. Because of a boy that I crushed since form two. Probably until now? Maybe.. I tried to distract myself doing something else. I kinda did it but sometimes he would crept into my mind. Sounded nuts but it's the reality. Alhamdullilah I can get over him now. I mean I am like Miss Movin' On these days.

The next thing is about my bestfriend. We were friends since last year and kinda still this year. We were united because of One Direction. I mean she's a great friend with dimples on her cheeks. Lol. We kinda have our anniversary date - 19th of January. So we're officially a year this year as friends. She is like into Zayn Malik. Haha. And I'm into Niall Horan. Basically she was into Louis Tomlinson and I was into Harry Styles. But those were the days man! Things change, people change. But you will always be you. Never sacrifice your trueself to others. That's it :)

Back to her story. Like couple months ago, we got into a fight. A silent fight actually. I don't even know why but she was kinda ignore me her own way. You know it was hurting a lot to have your own bestfriend ignored you? Yes, so much it's hurting. Didn't talk so good for a few days. I tweeted the texts that she used to send me on twitter. Probably she read it. And probably not. Well the texts were about how she loved to call me idiot, loading and buffering. Well I loved it tho. Cuz I love to make fool of me self just to make me friends laugh.

She used to call me poo. One day when we're going to a firemen camp, my group needed to go on the first trip whilst her group was on the second one. While I was on the bus, she texted me : "Miss you already..."
I was like crying a little thinking of how strong our ukhuwah it was and it is. It was so sweet to be forgotten. And while on the camp, I gave her my credit. Just RM1. She sent a text sounded like, "Thanks baby poo."
Am I really smelled like a poo? Ahahah ;p

About the fight.. She whatsapp-ed me. Saying that she was so sorry for abandoning me as her bestfriend. She said that she didn't want to ruin our friendship. And of course I cried after reading her long message. That was all I could do besides replying that I was so sorry too. Umm.. Our memory was too precious cuz it makes my life worthwhile. And from that day, we got along quite well. Me with my lame and fool jokes. And her with her crazy words that sometimes drive me insane. I don't mind to tell you that we are a little bit lunatic. Not really. But A LOT lunatic!

Well I have one more bestfriend. She is a kind girl. She used to console me like "Don't worry. You'll find someone else better than him. Don't cry over him. You'll find someone else.."

I was like so grateful to have her in my life. Those two girls make my life worthwhile. Seriously I love you bestfriends! I hope this year would never end. This memorable year. But.. Somehow it will end so soon. 

In sha Allah I will always be as long as I can :) By the way, I have exam since the last two weeks. Got three subjects to go. Arabic, Quran As-Sunnah and Add Maths. Those were killer subjects fyi ;p I got this Monday and Wednesday, then will be in freedom for a while. I repeat. FOR A WHILE. Come on Laurel.. Please don't be so lazy. Remember what your parents wanted you to be. Remember..

I guess enough of this long entry. Well it took a lot of guts to write this. I'm shaking right now. I'm vulnerable. I can't be carefree like the others did. But I will try to melt down all of this camouflage of myself. I will bring up the true me. I will never ever sacrifice the true me to others. Biidznillah :)

Thanks for reading. I love you guys and please stay strong wherever you are ^^

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    assalammualaikum n Hye!!
    im a new reader of your blog!
    n quite interesting to me!
    n yah! i love to "stalk" more!
    stay cool! :)


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