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Tutorial : Double-Blockquote

16 May 2012 2:32 pm 4 Directioner(s)

This time , my tutorial is about double-blockquote . Try this and you'll see what it looks like . After all , you can always preview . When you don't like it , you can delete the code again :) Let's begin our tutorial today ! 

Sometimes you feel you be fine by yourself
Coz a dream is a wish that you make all alone
Its easy to feel
Like you dont need help
But its harder to walk on your own

See my blockquote ? It was supposed to be only ONE but why it's DOUBLE now ? HUWAAAA ! :'( Don't worry people ! This is how to do it :

1) Open new post .

2) Find this thing :

Oh my God , sorry not that thing but this thing : *kikikiki ;)*

3) Highlight sentences or words that you want to blockquote .

4) Then, press the blockquote button TWICE . Yep that's why I called this tutorial as double-blockquote .

5) Finished ? Alright , then publish the post and view it !

P/s : This tutorial is for people who has already put the coding for blockquote in their Template.


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  • Blogger Tengku Laurel Adamila said...

    Opss sorry. Blockquote jadi tripple sebab aku tekan 3 kali. Nak banyak lagi pun boleh. Terserah. Cara sama je.

    Blogger Mrs | Mr. AniK said...

    done followed you..:)

    Blogger Che Faiz Bong said...

    done follow #97.nnt follow la kita plak

    Blogger Tengku Laurel Adamila said...

    Tq guys for following me..


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